The Survey

The Survey

In the not so distant future, scientists have developed a test that delves deep into the psyche of the male mind, uncovering hidden thoughts, personality temperaments, and emotional triggers that provoke primal reactions. Learning what makes men tick has a heavy price, but well worth it for many. When Laura, who is currently in a struggling marriage, hears about the survey, she decides to inquire. Offered the chance of a lifetime, to use this new psychological technology on her own husband to see what rests deep within his inner thoughts, she decides to take a very serious step towards attempting to save her failing marriage. What will she uncover about her male partner? What secrets could he possibly be keeping from her? Will Laura see improvement in her relationship from the knowledge that the company provides? Or will things go spiraling out of control, when she realizes things about her husband that she never possibly dreamt could be true?

It is a full 275 page novel. 32 Chapters in all. The word count is 110,781.

I realized that this story was basically becoming gigantic, *cough* forgive the pun, so I broke it up into multiple books so that my readers would not need to wait any longer to enjoy new stewy content.

This is pure size-fetish content. The story develops very slowly.

Some describe this genre as "slow-shrink." If you are interested in reading about tiny two inch tall men captured by skyscraper-sized women in chapter one, then run for the hills, this book is not for you. This book is for those who enjoy the slow unfolding of size discrepancy and power shift between two heterosexual individuals.

The second book is already well on its way into development, and I will see it through to completion, though I'm certain it will take me a long time to finish the second book. The second book will pick up right where the first one left off.

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